About Us

Our mission:

Our mission is to reduce drinking and driving across the nation. To accomplish this, we simplify the designated driving experience for both those who need safe rides and designated drivers. Sobrio aims to take a community-based approach to help people within their university or organization create a collaborative network of ride sharing.

Our story:

We first launched Sobrio in September, 2012 at the University of Connecticut. We were students at the time, and we saw an unfortunate trend on campus that we wanted to change. Each semester, there were countless cases of drinking and driving, despite the fact that there were other students out there offering safe rides around campus. The problem was that the people in need of a safe ride had to no way to connect to these drivers, and the drivers had no way of finding who needed a ride and organizing their night. That’s where the idea for Sobrio came in. We were inspired to create a convenient, mobile app that fixed the disconnect between these two parties and provided a platform for sharing designated rides between students on campus. Since our launch on the UConn campus, we noticed drinking and driving rates decreased by 40%.

Our goal:

We want Sobrio to become the method of choice for getting and giving safe rides.

Our progress:

Sobrio is connecting safe rides on these 7 major college campuses:

  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Stony Brook University
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Michigan
  • Ohio University


Our team:

Tom Bachant, co-founder, hanging with Jonathan the Husky

Tom Bachant, co-founder, hanging with UConn’s famous Jonathan the Husky

Nadav Ullman, co-founder, preaching the good word of Sobrio

Nadav Ullman, co-founder, preaching the good word of Sobrio


Ben Bartholomew

Ben Bartholomew, Android developer, nobly defending Sobrio’s castle-based office.

Mike Magnoli

Mike “Mags” Magnoli, Android Developer, laboriously manufacturing Sobrio friendship bracelets.

Dave Mittelman

Dave Mittelman, front-end web developer, achieving positive Sobrio chi