Frequently Asked (& Answered!) Questions

What is Sobrio?

Sobrio is a mobile app that provides safe rides by connecting people to designated drivers in their area.


Is it safe?

Sobrio places safety of both drivers and riders at the top of our priority list.  Before allowing anyone to request or offer a ride at a university, we verify that they have the appropriate “.edu” email address. Additionally, using Facebook authorization, everyone’s names and profile pictures are disclosed in the app. From there, each person also has a public profile that displays their ratings and reviews from past rides, along with their profile picture. Before connecting with anyone, we encourage you to take a look at their profile and ensure the other user has positive reviews and recommendations from other people. After a ride is complete, we prompt both the driver and the rider to rate each other with a “Thumbs-up” or “Thumbs-down”, along with a short written review based on their experience.


How do you become a driver?

Becoming a driver is easy and takes only a few minutes. Go to, and fill out the short form provided. Then, we will follow up with a short video interview to discuss your position and ensure that you will be a contributing member of the Sobrio community. We will run a criminal background check, and verify your driver’s license, and then you are ready to roll! After you’ve completed this short vetting process, you will be able to open the app and say “I’m Driving.” From there, you will see everyone at your school who is requesting a ride and utilize the multitude of features that will help you organize your night and maximize your number of rides.


Well, what about Sobrio makes sober driving easier?

Glad you asked!  As a driver, you can keep you night organized with the intuitive rider-queues that displays a list of all of the people who have asked for rides at your university, all of the people that you have offered rides to, and the pending ride offers. From the app, you can offer rides, chat with the upcoming riders, check out their profiles, navigate to the pick-up and drop-off locations, and receive credit card payments.


So do the drivers work for Sobrio?

Nope. Think of Sobrio as a for riders and drivers. We offer an elegant and easy-to-use technology that allows two people to connect and communicate with each other. Neither the drivers nor the riders work for us.


How much do the drivers make?

Typically, on Friday and Saturday nights we have seen drivers make between $90 to $140. Amounts vary based on time driving and number of pickups available.


Hold up a minute, how exactly do the drivers get paid?

When a driver arrives to pick-up a rider, a large ‘Pay Driver’ button will appear on rider’s screen. The rider will also be shown how much they owe their driver, based on the suggested donation and how many passengers they are with. We recommend that the driver ask riders to make this payment right when they get in the car. This payment will go into the driver’s account, which can then be deposited at any point. If they did not set up their bank account with us before the ride occurred, that’s not a problem! We’ll hold it in an escrow account until they do.