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Using the app

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Reporting Users

At any point during a ride, either a driver or a passenger is able to report another user if they feel unsafe. Reporting is different fromĀ rating users, and should be used in the event that a user’s actions should be delegated to Sobrio for possible account suspension. Any details in the report will be confidential within Sobrio administration.

If a user is being disagreeable but safe, we recommend using the rating feature and providing a review of the user after the ride is complete. Reviews and ratings are public so other users can see these details before they choose to share a ride with this particular user.


Drivers undergo a vetting process before being permitted to drive on Sobrio. Also, these drivers are required to be students at a particular university. The application process includes a background check, car insurance validation, and a personal interview. Drivers on Sobrio are not employees of Sobrio, so these safety precautions are intended to help both drivers and riders enjoy a safe ridesharing experience.

If you’re interested in driving on Sobrio, apply here.


Feedback is very important to us. We appreciate any helpful details on what you think of the app, the service, or really anything. Be as honest as you want, we can take it!

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