How It Works

Sobrio is a mobile app that connects college students who need safe rides to the designated drivers at their school.



Find a safe ride from a designated driver by entering your location, destination, and number of passengers. Their request is instantly sent off to all the drivers at your school, and you will be notified when you receive an offer. These drivers are vetted by Sobrio and undergo a background check to ensure proper car insurance, a valid license, and no prior criminal activity. Safety is our number one priority, and we ensure that you are only connecting with fellow students who are accepted members of the Sobrio community.

Provide safe rides by becoming a Sobrio driver at your school. You can organize rides by pickup location, time requested, and number of passengers. You can also request a donation from your passengers, which will be paid to you automatically via credit or debit card. Apply here.

Profiles are important ways for people to learn more about who they are connecting with. Each user has a public profile that displays their name, profile picture, as well as a list of past rides and reviews from other users based on their experience. This is true for both drivers and riders, as either one can opt to decline a ride based on negative reviews.

This is all done through our mobile app, which you can get here: Download.

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