Sobrio is a platform for designated driving that makes the process easier and safer. We employ top of the line safety measures and community tools to ensure the security of everyone involved.




Drivers undergo a thorough application process that includes background checks for criminal history, proper license verification, and a personal interview to ensure that each driver embodies Sobrio’s core values.

Fellow Students

Sobrio rides focus on privacy on community, so you can always be sure that you are only connecting with fellow students at your university. We do this by verifying your “.edu” email address, indicating enrollment at your particular school.


Each user has their own public profile with past rides and reviews from other users. Before sharing a ride with someone, you are encouraged to check out their profile and see feedback from other members. After sharing a ride, users are prompted to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating of the user in addition to a more detailed review of their experience. This allows people to only connect with people they trust.


To make an account on Sobrio, you must first log in with Facebook. This allows you to see other people’s names and profile pictures before you decide to connect with them.


For more questions about privacy, security, or legal concerns, please check out our terms of service.